Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety

Sustainable Action for Your Mental Health and the Planet

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Arizona Muse - Founder and Trustee of Dirt Foundation for the Regeneration of Earth

It's hard to watch the news, scroll through social media, or listen to the radio without hearing or seeing something disturbing about the climate emergency. This can trigger all sorts of emotions: worry, anger, sadness, guilt, and even grief but also often over-looked positive emotions like motivation, connection, care, and abundance that support mental health and climate action for sustainable longevity.

Written by psychologists with extensive experience in treating people with eco-anxiety, this book shows you how to harness these emotions, validate them, and transform them into positive action. It enables you to assess and understand your psychological responses to the climate crisis and move away from unhealthy defence mechanisms, such as denial and avoidance.

Ultimately, it shows that the solution to both climate anxiety and the climate crisis is the same - action that is sustainable for you and for the planet - and empowers you to take steps towards this.

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Press reviews for: Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety

Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University and author of “The New Climate War"

When it comes to climate action, the obstacles we face are no longer technological, they are primarily political and psychological in nature. Read "Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety" and better understand those obstacles-doom, denial, and defeatism-- and how to circumnavigate them.

Prof. Mark Maslin - a deeply worried climate scientist and author of 'How To Save Our Planet: The Facts' (Penguin 2021)

Are you losing sleep worrying over the Climate Crisis? I am. Do you feel powerless when confronted but such a huge global issue? I do. Is Climate Change starting to affect your mental health? If so, panic not, help is at hand with the brilliant book 'Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety' which acknowledges that climate anxiety is a real issue, empowers the reader to handle this anxiety and to use to it to make meaningful changes to the world around us.

Sarah Wilson, journalist and New York Times bestselling author of This One Wild and Precious Life

The science is in, the reality is here and the noble challenge of the climate movement now is to help fellow humanity embrace their eco-anxiety and transform it into action...and build a more vibrant, productive and humane "normal". Turn the Tide takes us on the journey to this wild and hopeful alchemy.

Nathan Grossman, documentary film director

Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety is a very interesting and empowering book that has given me new methods for handling and understanding climate anxiety in a comprehensive way.

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