Group Psychotherapy as Experimental Theatre

This is a clear and comprehensive work which stems from the author's broad knowledge and experience of psychology, the theatre and psychodrama. It includes discussion of the theory behind psychodrama as well as the methods used in its practice; Roine writes of technical concepts in a comprehensible and accessible style, giving examples from her work in America and Norway. As well as examining the specific field of psychodrama, she relates the topic to the history and practice of the theatre, providing new angles and insights.

Expressive therapies including psychodrama are becoming steadily more influential and this book has already played a part in its development. It addresses the needs of professionals, students and teachers directly involved in psychodrama and will also be of interest to professionals in other fields.
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This book by the distinguished Norwegian psychodramatist Eva Roine holds much information for the dramatherapist, psychdramatist or researcher who wishes to discover the theatrical roots of the therapy. The book is a fascinating read.

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In a clear and accessible style, this book includes discussion of the theory behind psychodrama, as well as the methods used in its practice. E. Roine relates also the topic of psychodrama to the history and practice of the theatre, providing new angles and insights.


It was a pleasure reading and reviewing this book. [T]he first chapter includes a lot of detailed information about theory and theatre which is helpful for a practitioner who does not come from a theatrical backgorund. Thre are many helpful illustrations from her own psychodrama practice in different settings relevant to the theme covered. Her caring and warmth comes through in the way she describes her work with clients. [The book] is rich in its descriptions and its use of material from other therapeutic methods and linking them to psychodrama practice. I would recommend it to anyone interested in psychodrama, and in particular to people with an interest in theatre and its connections to psychodrama.

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