Visiting the Memory Café and other Dementia Care Activities

Evidence-based Interventions for Care Homes

Activity and engagement are vital to our well-being throughout our lives and this continues to be just as true of people living with dementia.

The activities presented in this book have been designed to provide meaningful engagement for residents, while respecting each individual resident's readiness to engage and participate. This approach to person-centred care has proven to be extremely effective: activities such as Namaste Care and Memory Cafés have engaged residents who had previously not responded to interventions, demonstrably showing an increase in their levels of well-being.

Supported by case studies, each chapter will also recommend the best way to implement the ideas discussed in the care home environment and beyond.
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Press reviews for: Visiting the Memory Café and other Dementia Care Activities

Professor Martin Green, OBE Chief Executive Care England, DH Independent Sector Dementia Champion

Visiting the Memory Café and Other Dementia Activities is a very clear and practical guide to delivering support to people living with a range of dementias. The authors of this book have significant experience of supporting people living with dementia, and they have written a very practical and easily accessible resource. I recommend this book to both family carers and professionals.

G. Allen Power MD, FACP, Geriatrician, Author, Educator

Visiting the Memory Café is much more than a roster of programs and therapies; it is a guide to a new way of thinking about how to best serve the individuals in our communities...practical, compelling, and highly readable.

Matthew Berrisford, Charge Nurse at The Meadows Community Hospital

British Geriatrics Society blog

It is admirable that Caroline Baker and Barchester Healthcare have committed themselves at both a national and local level to enriching the lives of the people they care for and Visiting the Memory Café serves as both their handbook and manifesto. Let us consider it a pledge.

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