Getting the Best Out of College for Students on the Autism Spectrum

A Workbook for Entering Further Education

Thinking about going to college? What subjects to take? How to organise your time properly? How to meet new people and maintain friendships?

This interactive workbook provides guidance for your entire journey through college and further education. Full of handy tips and strategies to help you through college, it guides you through early hurdles such as preparing for a new sensory environment, planning your transport and making friends. Chapters also cover life in college, so you'll know how to properly manage your time studying and socialising, how to get a grip on social media and have the confidence to tackle exams head on!

The book includes 100 pages of interactive elements, which develop decision-making, reflection and strategy-building skills, and you can work through it all with an older adult for help. It works alongside the companion guide for further education staff, Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Get the Best Out of College.
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Press reviews for: Getting the Best Out of College for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Lynsey Spillane, Course Director Foundation Learning, Basingstoke College of Technology

The transition to college can be a challenge for all young people, however for those on the Autism Spectrum it can be even more complex and daunting. This book is an insightful and practical guide for professionals and young people to help prepare well and overcome any hurdles. This is a fantastic resource that I hope will be used by all colleges to ensure they are fully inclusive.

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