Doodle Your Worries Away

A CBT Doodling Workbook for Children Who Feel Worried or Anxious

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This workbook draws on CBT and creative therapy methods to help children aged 8+ understand their worry and anxiety.
Featuring 50 fun and engaging doodling activities, this book allows young people to tune into their worries and their sources, using creativity to process anxiety, and building confidence to find their own solutions. This exploration can be independently led by the child themselves or with guidance from a parent or professional.

Drawn from over 15 years of experience of supporting young people with anxiety, this workbook takes an integrative approach and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to support a child experiencing worry.
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Press reviews for: Doodle Your Worries Away

Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Director, Creative Education

Simply brilliant, I was reaching for a pen to get doodling within moments of starting to flick through. A fun, accessible way of breaking big worries down into something we can manage.

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