My Book of Feelings

A Book to Help Children with Attachment Difficulties, Learning or Developmental Disabilities Understand their Emotions


Even though you can't see them, we all have feelings.

Some feelings are fluffy and make us feel good. Some are sharp and make us unhappy. Sometimes we have fluffy and sharp feelings at the same time! It's ok to have different types of feelings, but there are some things we can do to let the sharp feelings out when they get too big, or when we have too many.

This picture book is ideal for children aged 5-10 to help them understand why they might experience different emotions, and what they can do to help them manage their emotions in a positive way. Written in simple language, this book will be an excellent tool for any child who finds it difficult to understand their emotions, particularly those with attachment difficulties, or a learning or developmental disability.

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Press reviews for: My Book of Feelings

Langenhoe Community Primary School, UK

Amazing. This book explores an array of feelings using easy-to-understand language and visuals, and it provides a range of helpful strategies to support these feelings. We particularly like the personalised section at the end of the book - a chance for children to explore their own feelings and record the strategies that best support their own individual needs. A must for any parent or provider working with young children.

Shona Lawson, Adoption Social Worker

Many children struggle with the concept of feelings, where they come from and what to do with them, especially children from traumatic backgrounds. My Book of Feelings provides simple, straight forward explanations to the complex world of feelings. It is a great interactive book for parents and practitioners alike to help children express themselves and find ways of dealing with big feelings.

This is an unusual way of approaching feelings. In this book they are divided into 'sharp feelings' such as sad, lonely, angry, frightened, disappointed, shy or nervous, insecure, jealous, and cross, or 'fluffy feelings' like joyful, happy, loving, cheerful, peaceful, pleased, excited, energetic, amused, hopeful, creative, and proud. Each of these terms is explained, and we are told that often we feel a mixture of the two... At the end of the book there are some interactive pages for the child to fill out, which could be photocopied and used in schools. Written by a mum with four children, this book has lots of information about how to handle ones own feelings, both good and bad.

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