My Black Motherhood

Mental Health, Stigma, Racism and the System


Joyful. Graceful. Blessed. Strong. Anxious. Depressed. Stigmatised. Stereotyped.
What happens when motherhood isn't what you expected - and when you reach out for support, you are met with judgment and prejudice?
Sandra Igwe shares her journey as a young Black mother, coping with sleepless nights, anxiety and loneliness after the birth of her first daughter. Burdened by cultural expectations of the 'good mother' and the 'strong Black woman' trope, her mental health struggles became an uphill battle.
Black women are at higher risk of developing postnatal depression but are the least likely to be identified as depressed. Sharing the voices of other mothers, Sandra examines how culture, racism, stigma and a lack of trust in services prevent women getting the help they need. Breaking open the conversation on motherhood, race, and mental health, she demands that Black women are listened to, believed, and understood.
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Press reviews for: My Black Motherhood

Marian Knight, Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health, University of Oxford

Sandra has captured not only her own experiences but those of many other Black mothers. My Black Motherhood made me laugh, it made me cry, but above all made me think and question.

Jess Austin, First-Person and Opinion Editor,

An eye-opening read giving a platform to unheard voices, brilliantly highlighting the challenges Black mothers face, and offering tangible solutions. Everyone has something to learn from this book.

Kicki Hansard, Doula and author of The Secrets of Birth

Honest and raw, it really gave me a true insight into the challenges for Black mothers in the UK. A must read for anyone working in perinatal services.

Uju Asika, author of Bringing Up Race: How To Raise a Kind Child in a Prejudiced World

Reading this book is like listening to a passionate, relatable, sister friend who can help you fight your corner. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing these deeply affecting stories and for stirring up 'good trouble' on behalf of Black mothers everywhere.

Marley Hall, Midwife, Speaker and Content Creator

Sandra's book gives a wonderfully candid insight into the experiences and obstacles faced by Black mums all over the country. It's one that all health professionals need have on their bookshelves.

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