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Ageing, Disability and Spirituality

Addressing the Challenge of Disability in Later Life
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This collection examines theological and ethical issues of ageing, disability and spirituality, with an emphasis on how ageing affects people who have mental health and developmental disabilities.

The book presents ways of moving towards more effective relationships between carers and older people with disabilities; ways in which to connect compassionately and beneficially with the person's spiritual dimension. The contributors highlight the importance of recognizing the personhood of all people regardless of age and of disability, whatever form it takes. They identify factors inherent in personhood and provide ways of affirming and promoting spiritual well-being for older people with disabilities.

Valuable reading for practitioners in aged care, healthcare, chaplaincy, social and pastoral care, and diversional therapists, this book will also be of interest to older people, their families and friends.
  • Published: Feb 15 2008
  • Pages: 272
  • 236 x 159mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105848
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Press Reviews

  • Dementia Journal

    The authors come from several academic and practice disciplines - theology, nursing, social work, ethics, recreation and diversional therapy and psychology. Importantly, the book also includes chapters written or co-written by persons with dementia and disability themselves, and incorporates the voices of ageing persons with disability via practice examples and quotes from qualitative research. As a result, the book presents multiple viewpoints on how ageing, disability and spirituality are experienced as individuals as care partners, care professionals, and the wider community.
  • NAPA

    This book succeeds in challenging the reader to see dementia in a different framework, one in which there is profound wisdom about personhood and our values.' The Church Times 'This book is a series of essays focusing on the feelings of older people later in life and how relationships are affected by disability...Elizabeth and her co authors have together looked at many different ways in trying to describe how those with disability communicate their personal spirituality and feelings about life.
  • Plus, Quarterly Magazine of Christian Council on Ageing

    There is much that disabled and non-disabled people can learn from each other. This book goes a considerable way towards ensuring that this happens.