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Allergy Busters

A Story for Children with Autism or Related Spectrum Disorders Struggling with Allergies
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Allergy Busters is a practical guide to help children struggling with allergy problems. It follows the experiences of Karston, who, in addition to autism-related problems, suffers from food and environmental allergies. He relates the struggles, frustrations, and disappointments in battling allergies, before coming up with a solution - the four Allergy Buster Keys. These effective methods for overcoming allergies are presented as a child-friendly plan leading to an allergy-free diet. The keys demonstrate how children with allergies can lead fun-filled lives by following simple, easily-attainable guidelines to manage their allergies.

Children on the autism spectrum suffering with gluten and casein allergies require professional services in addition to intensive family involvement. This book will be an asset to parents and professionals working with children on the autism spectrum who are struggling with allergies, as well as an informative resource for allergy sufferers themselves. The guidelines provided are both innovative and rooted in mainstream psychological principles, applicable to any child with allergy problems, not just those on the autism spectrum.

Written in a style that encourages the child to assist adults working with him or her, the authors have included a behavioural chart to track progress along the `Allergy Buster System', as well as certificates for those children who succeed in becoming `allergy busters'.
  • Published: Jun 15 2004
  • Pages: 48
  • 244 x 174mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107828
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Press Reviews

  • Healthy Books

    While this story is aimed at children on the autistic spectrum, there is nothing in it that could not be of use to non-autistic kids... One of the strengths of the book is a section of recipes free of dairy products, gluten, refined sugar, corn and soya and includes such things as pizza and cake. There is also an interesting section on developing an effective reward system for helping children learn various behavioural issues... Karston has a jaunty, idiomatic style, and the back and white drawings, linked to short sections of the story, are an effective way of presenting the information.
  • Children Now

    This book is designed to help children with autism or similar disorders who suffer from allergies. The 64- page illustrated book tells the story of Karston, an autistic boy who suffers from several allergies. After struggling to cope with his allergies, Karston comes up with four approaches to help him deal with them. The book also contains guidance for professionals, recipes and links to sources of further information.