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A Whole-School Approach
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a very useful starting point for teachers wanting to involve pupils in developing anti-bullying strategies, and in raising awareness about the possible consequences of bullying. The text is clearly set out and easy to follow.'

- Cambridge Journal of Education

'dozens of bright ideas on how to work with children in classrooms that are creative and practical and can be fun.'

- Ace Bulletin

'Bullying - A Whole School Approach- combines theory with hands on activities. It offers a number of effective strategies for creating a long-term and positive influence on the school environment as a whole. The topics include how to deal with bullying incidents, playground supervision, the role parents have to play and how to develop an anti-bullying policy'

- Young People Now Magazine

'There are dozens of bright ideas in this book on how to work with children in classrooms. They are creative, practical and can be fun. Teachers will be grateful for the help they provide. Children will be happier in the knowledge that they understand themselves and others better, and are on the way to developing skills that will improve their relations with others. This without doubt is the best way to make bullying a thing of the past.'

- From the foreword by Ken Rigby, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of South Australia

Combining theory with hands-on activities, this is a practical anti-bullying resource which emphasizes the need for a whole-school approach to the problem of bullying.

The authors offer teachers, students and parents effective strategies for creating a long-term and positive influence on the school environment as a whole. They discuss topics such as:

* how to deal with bullying incidents

* playground supervision

* the role of parents

* developing an anti-bullying policy.

They also provide exercises to build self-esteem, develop relaxation techniques and encourage a sense of collective responsibility. Containing lesson plans, photocopy masters and posters this invaluable book enables pupils to take an active role in responding to bullying and to work towards a safe and supportive learning environment for all.
  • Published: Jan 24 2002
  • Pages: 176
  • 294 x 210mm
  • ISBN: 9781843100546
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