Bullying in Schools

And what to do about it
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Bullying in Schools is based on Ken Rigby's first-hand knowledge of this problem. Much of his understanding comes from his research at the University of South Australia on the responses of over 20,000 students to bullying in their schools. This important study offers useful ways of tackling this issue:

strategies to identify both bullies and victims

ways to diffuse potentially troublesome situations

ways to enhance the self-esteem of the victims

methods of dealing with bullies that are not punitive and damaging but can help to make the abuser more aware of how the victim feels.

The key to reducing bullying lies in schools embracing an ethos in which it is impossible for this sort of abuse to flourish. Professor Rigby demonstrates that positive steps can be taken and the incidence of this form of harassment can be reduced significantly.

All those involved in the education and welfare of children would find this passionate and motivating book invaluable. Both empowering and positive, it is a book that offers hope to all our children.
  • Published: Jan 01 1997
  • Pages: 312
  • 243 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024559
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Press Reviews

  • Educational Research

    perhaps the best overall introduction to the topic of school bullying…an unequivocal success.
  • International Journal of Children's Spirituality

    [Rigby] takes seriously the forms of bullying; he explores in depth the psychological dynamics involved in bullying; he analyses the relation of bully and victim; he wonders why some school cultural systems seem to support bullying, while others do not; he defines bullying in a way that focuses on its `repeating' nature; and he is convinced…that bullying can be recognised and can be stopped. This book will be remembered by scholars as a landmark text in formal bullying research, and it will be remembered as well as a needed and refreshing practical resource by grateful parents, teachers, and children.
  • Young Minds

    Ken Rigby sets out, in an admirable clear and straightforward style, his personal blueprint for what can and should be done about bullying, based on his own extensive experience and thoughtful reflection… I would strongly recommend this book: its expertise and practical knowledge can help us to grasp what bullying in schools is and also what to do about it.
  • Young People Now

    The author, Ken Rigby, who has first hand knowledge of the problem, concludes that the key to reducing bullying lies in schools embracing an ethos in which it is impossible for this sort of abuse to flourish. Bullying in Schools also explores the relationship between the family and bullying, looking at how parents can recognise the signs and how they can help.
  • Child Care Forum

    The book not only looks at ways of identifying the problems, but also looks at strategies to help professionals understand and deal with bullying in schools. Whilst attempting to understand the bully without condoning their behaviour, the book also addresses the importance of ensuring the emphasis is not taken away from the victim whilst focusing on the bully themselves, (not an easy task!) Bullying in Schools offers useful ways of tackling different issues. It is not merely an academic resource, but a valuable guide for professionals dealing with bullying on a regular basis.
  • Play Matters (The Magazine of the National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries)

    Ken Rigby's examination of bullying is based on extensive research conducted throughout Australian schools. His findings are presented alongside relevant theories and research and he offers thereby a comprehensive insight into the problem of bullying from a range of perspectives: of the victim, the bully, the on lookers, the school and the respective families. An accessible, insightful book which provides a comprehensive discussion of a complicated subject which will be illuminating to carers and educators alike.
  • Talk (The Magazine of the National Deaf Children's Society)

    Awareness of bullying and related problems has grown considerably since the mid 1980's. This latest book acknowledges the work that has gone before, and brings us up to date with the latest thinking. The text is clearly written...provides a good introduction to the methods and philosophies currently employed to tackle bullying.
  • Professor Anatol Pikas, Upsalla University, Sweden

    I am convinced that it is right now the best book in the world for everyone who wants to have an insightful introduction in the field of bullying in schools and a survey of methods of how to tackle it.