Dancing on Blood Video Cassette

Arthur Robbins, a pioneer in art therapy, demonstrates how aesthetic communication transforms psychodynamic treatment. In brief focused art therapy, the patient lives out her life theme: follow your spirit by living on the edge. Her mother, a Holocaust survivor, holds on to her daughter with a silent scream, and the therapeutic question soon enters the picture: can you dance and follow your soul when the ground is covered with blood? In this moving dialogue, principles of art therapy are elaborated and brought to life. Dancing on Blood represents Arthur Robbins' 35 years of experience as a therapist, sculptor, analyst and teacher.

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The Arts in Psychotherapy

This video is particularly valuable in that it allows the viewer to witness the process of art therapy. I think this is a very valuable video for use as a teaching tool. It could be used with all levels of students and could also be valuable for discussion in consultation groups with professionals in the field. Through this video, Robbins and his client Susan have made important contributions to both the clarity and the wonder that is the art therapy process.

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