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David's Secret Soccer Goals

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David is much like any other boy who loves playing soccer, but when the chance comes up to go and stay at Champions Soccer Camp, David has to face up to his biggest embarrassment, wetting the bed. David stands up bravely to his sister's taunts and a nervous visit to the doctor, but will he be able to control his bed wetting in time for Camp?

David's Secret Soccer Goals is a warm and sensitive look inside the mind of a boy with bed wetting problems. It delicately highlights the fears and worries that a child in this position can go through, whilst also giving practical advice on how to deal positively with the situation.
  • Published: Apr 15 2004
  • Pages: 40
  • 218 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107729
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Press Reviews

  • Healthy Books

    For a short book (40 pages) with quite large print, this story manages to pack in a great deal of realistic sensitivity to David's problem and how it impacts not only on him but on the whole family. While there is a happy ending, it is clear that David has more work to do before his nights are completely dry. Very well written and excellent option for children who wet the bed.
  • School Library Association

    This story tells how a young soccer loving boy, David, tries to cope with the bedwetting problem. Things come to a head when he gets the chance to stay at Champion Soccer Camp.This is an excellent book to help children cope with their situation constructively.'