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From Fear to Respect

Young people's views on violence
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Whether as participants or observers, violence is a part of many young people's lives; at home, at school, in the street and in the community. This 'think piece' provides an understanding of the meaning and significance of violence in young people's lives.

From Fear to Respect examines violence in the family, bullying, fighting, community violence and violence in the media. It looks at what legitimates such violence for young people, how young people's moral values about the rights and wrongs of violence clash with their life experiences, how their attitudes and views may be the same or different from those of adults, and how living in cultures characterised by violence or non-violence create different moral perspectives.
  • Published: Jan 01 2004
  • Pages: 99
  • 243 x 171mm
  • ISBN: 9781904787068
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