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Mixed Experiences

Growing up mixed race – mental health and well-being
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Mixed race is the fastest growing population group of children and young people in England and Wales. The diversity of the mixed race group does not allow for a one-size-fits-all assessment of needs, and this is the challenge for practitioners.

This guide offers practitioners an insight into the experiences of racism, discrimination and identity confusion that mixed race children and young people encounter. With a focus on mental health, it discusses the policy context and considers the learning from projects and local services that have targeted mixed race children, young people and families.

It will be of value to all practitioners working with children and young people, especially those in the mental health field, and also in health, early years services, social care, education, youth justice and the voluntary sector.
  • Published: Feb 17 2014
  • Pages: 96
  • 251 x 187mm
  • ISBN: 9781909391154
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