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A Journey with Autism using Facilitated Communication Techniques

Pauline Lukey first met Ppinder Hundal when Ppinder was eight years old, at which point Ppinder was non-verbal and had no formal way of communicating. This book charts their development together as, through the use of facilitated communication techniques, Ppinder has shown herself to be an eager and increasingly fluent communicator. Beginning with the use of sign language, moving on to assisted typing (the title of this book being drawn from the first spontaneous phrase that Ppinder typed) and finally to Ppinder's current desire to learn to read and write, both authors recount their remarkable journey from Ppinder's first signs ("coat," "more," "cookie," and "finish") to her ability now to discuss her medication with her carers and converse, via laptop, with her autistic friend. This honest and moving account demonstrates the remarkable effects of facilitated communication and highlights that communication is a skill that everyone is entitled to enjoy.
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The British Journal of Developmental Disabilities

This little book describes the remarkable journey of two women. It is written by both of them. Like so many working relationships which develop into friendship this is not a one-sided account but the description of a journey which records the slow awakening of abilities and of the experiences each one has with the other.

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