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Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum

Unexpected Lessons We Have Learned
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Maureen F. Morrell and Ann Palmer are raising two very different children: Justin, a whirlwind of activity and mood swings, who is supervised in a residential farm community, and Eric, quiet and passive, who lives independently at college. The authors give an account of the striking similarities as well as the stark differences in their experiences of parenting children at opposite extremes of the autism spectrum.

The two mothers speak openly about their children's diagnosis and early childhood through to adolescence, young adulthood and the day they leave home. They give a moving account of the challenges they faced and the surprising consolations they found along their sons' very different paths in life. Through their friendship and two decades of shared experiences of parenting an ASD child, each has gained a clear understanding of her own strengths and limitations, as well as those of her child.

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum offers a personal perspective and practical guidance for parents at the start of their journey with autism, especially those whose children are newly diagnosed. It also provides useful insights for professionals working with individuals across the autism spectrum and their families. The book was elected the 2007 Autism Society of America's Outstanding Literary Work of the Year.
  • Published: Apr 27 2006
  • Pages: 220
  • 233 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781843108078
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Press Reviews

  • Current Awareness Service

    A description by two mothers of raising two very different children on the autistic spectrum. Based on 20 years of shared experience. Useful not only to parents, but also offering professionals some helpful and occasionally chastening insights into family life where a child has autism.
  • Kirkus Reviews

    As forthright and enabling as Dr. Spock.
  • Good Autism Practice

    I would recommend this wonderful book to parents and practitioners alike. The book walks the reader gently through the stories of two different families and their experiences of parenting children on the autistic spectrum. Maureen and Ann share with their audience differing perspectives of the impact of autism both on the individual concerned and on their families. There are many excellent books written by parents of individuals with autism available. What makes this book stand out for me is how the authors share their highs and detail their lows without holding back and without giving the impression that they are superhuman, achieving the impossible where the more superhuman, achieving the impossible where the mortal among us cannot. Family disasters, innermost fears and mistakes are laid bare. While it is important to note that the book provides positive recommendations and imparts sound advice leading the reader to turn the last pages with a sense of optimism about the future, I found it invaluable to know that others have made the same mistakes as me and experienced the same concerns and despairs... a positive and beneficial book for parents of children with autism as they learn to balance family life with the demands that the condition places on them.
  • Autism Asperger's Digest

    Pour a cup of tea, relax in a comfortable chair and prepare to meet two new friends. Maureen Morrell and Ann Palmer use a conversational style in Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum that feels like they're talking directly to the reader... and they have much to share from 20 years raising children on the opposite ends of the autism spectrum. Tucked in-between personal stories are the lessons learned, which they cleverly number and summarize at the end of each chapter so this valuable information isn't lost. "Our stories and lessons are meant to be a companion on the journey, making it a bit easier and a little less lonely". While the territory covered in Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum may be familiar, the authors' unique perspectives are refreshing and empowering.
  • Stephen Shore, author of Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome and Board member of the Autism Society of America

    With heavy dosages of courage and a fearless look into how autism has affected their lives, Ann and Maureen provide, in harmony and counterpoint, a model of how families can live with and help children with autism reach their potential to lead fulfilling and productive lives in what ultimately becomes a supportive environment for all.