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Stewart's Tree

A Book for Brothers and Sisters When a Baby Dies Shortly after Birth
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Ellen wondered if Stewart had gone to the moon in his spaceship...'

Ellen's new baby brother Stewart has been 'lost'. Ellen looks in all the cupboards for Stewart, and even in the washing machine - then her family help her understand that Stewart has died and isn't going to come back. Together they plant a tree for Stewart, so they will always have a place to remember him.

A therapeutic children's book for explaining sibling loss to young children, colourfully illustrated to emphasise focusing on the happy memories of a lost child. The book ends with a guide to bereavement for children written by qualified clinicians.
  • Published: Jan 18 2018
  • Pages: 40
  • 217 x 213mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923999
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Press Reviews

  • Church Times

    "Lost" but remembered: a little girl sits by a tree planted in memory of her baby brother in Stewart's Tree. It includes a short guide for parents on the careful choice of words when explaining to a child that a baby has died.'

    This achingly beautiful book about a little girl whose new baby brother has died shortly after birth is moving, loving, and at the right level for young children to begin to understand what has happened. The illustrations are superb in their simplicity and gentleness.