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Talking to My Gran About Dying

My School Project
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  • Published: Jul 21 2014
  • Pages: 64
  • 245 x 194mm
  • ISBN: 9781898576174
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Press Reviews

  • Clive Erricker, co-author of The Education of the Whole Child

    Death is something of a taboo subject in our society and no more so than when talking with children. Parents and teachers need help with this because there is also a lack of confidence in how to respond to children on this topic. This book is precisely what they need. It shows that children do not require answers but the opportunity to think about such matters with adults they can trust. In my experience of researching with young children this is one of the topics they most wished to address. Talking to My Gran About Dying is a resource that can promote meaningful and safe conversations that children will value.
  • Jenny Mosley, Educational Consultant

    Gina Levete has created a much needed resource that will help teachers to stimulate genuine debate around loss, death and bereavement. If the ground rules for emotional safety in circle time are kept to, then a resource like Talking to My Gran About Dying will act as an invaluable stimulus for genuine, calm, dialogue.
  • Julie Stokes OBE, Founder of Winston’s Wish, UK

    It is always wonderful to witness an older person linking up with a child to share their wisdom and curiosity on BIG stuff. This interesting book shows us how young Will and his delightful Grandmother explore their ideas on dying and bereavement. It would be a useful resource to a primary teacher or caring adult wanting to facilitate a discussion so children can safely develop their own thoughts and feelings about a very big and important subject.
  • Healthy Books blog

    This book gives us five conversations that Will, who is 10, has with his Gran Tam, who is 70... Set in the context of a normal, loving family... the questions and their many possible answers have a resonance that will appeal to children who will have thought these thing but not spoken about them... The black and white illustrations, which are part of the "project", are amusing and relevant, as are the questions at the end of each chapter. Two pages of advice for adults using the book with children are to be found at the end of the book, as are lists of books and helpful organisations. This is a practical, accessible production that will provide excellent useful discussion on a topic that is not often discussed.
  • Juno Magazine

    This book is written for 8-12-year-olds to prompt discussion in either the home or the classroom. The idea of the book is to provide comfort, through debate, about a subject that will affect all of us.