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The Anti-Bullying Game

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Designed for children and adolescents who experience difficulties with peer relationships, The Anti-Bullying Game enables both victims and bullies to understand the dynamics underlying bullying behaviour and helps them to explore more adaptive interaction styles. Exploring the mechanisms behind passive and provocative behaviour, the game focuses on interactive processes, communication, belief systems and assertiveness.

Providing an opportunity for exploration within a safe group, the game helps young people to understand the dynamics of the power differential between victim and bully. It promotes positive self-esteem and encourages behaviour to be taken over into other settings. The game comprises game board, counters, dice and four sets of colour-coded cards arranged in categories corresponding to coloured shapes on the board.

`It is a resource fund, not just a game.'
- Educational Psychology in Practice
  • Published: Jan 01 1996
  • 368 x 266mm
  • ISBN: 9781853023354
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