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The Crystal Mirror and Other Stories

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Enter the Crystal Mirror and find timeless tales to help foster compassion, self-acceptance, bravery, creativity and appreciation in children and grown-ups alike. Each is a story of questing and transformation and of the surprises that await us when we finally discover what we have long been looking for. Who among the colourful characters will open your eyes to new ways of seeing - the cuddliest monster in the world or the mighty warrior who plans to slay him? Will you discover how to use your imagination to free yourself from suffering with help from the Master Painter? Or face your greatest fear alongside Oswald Bat? Or maybe, you are a little like Polly the Girl Who Was Always Changing, forever searching for who you really are. And let's not forget the Rainbow Bridge of the Sea which some say holds the key to making your dreams come true...but do you really need to cross an ocean to find it?

All these secrets and more are waiting to be revealed in the Crystal Mirror, if you're brave enough to take a look inside.
  • Published: Nov 13 2013
  • Pages: 96
  • 254 x 195mm
  • ISBN: 9781908363091
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Press Reviews

  • Rebecca Davies, The Independent

    A rewarding read, full of heart-warming parables and lush illustrations.
  • Juno magazine: A natural appraoch to family life, Spring 2014 Issue

    This beautiful hardback book is a collection of five stories, strikingly illustrated with pictures in and around the text, so that you feel absorbed by the images as you read the words. Each story has a gentle moral or lesson to think about. My favourite is Polly, the Girl Who Was Always Changing, a journey of discovery where Polly thinks that only she has trouble understanding who she really is and what life holds for her. A book to treasure.