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The Greater Me Cards

A Tool for Children and Young People to Develop Self-Advocacy Skills and Build Resilience
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This conversational tool made up of 52 cards and accompanying guidance, helps young people build their advocacy skills by establishing their own strengths and needs.

Organised into 10 categories, the cards cover additional needs, feelings and communication, how to seek help, and many more useful topics to develop resilience. There are around 150 questions which can be used flexibly by young people and facilitating adults, such as:
- What do I think I am good at/not good at?
- What support from other people do I think will help me manage on my own more easily?
- Who might I choose to speak to when things become too hard or difficult?

Developed and tested by registered educational and child psychologists, this card set enables the planning of actions which move children and young people towards achieving their full potential.
  • Published: Dec 13 2021
  • 140 x 104mm
  • ISBN: 9781787756908
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