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The STAR Detective Facilitator Manual

A Cognitive Behavioral Group Intervention to Develop Skilled Thinking and Reasoning for Children with Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional and Social Problems
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The STAR Program is designed to teach children and those involved in their care psychological techniques to improve self-control and prosocial competence. The program employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) principles and uses a child-centered approach to teach attention skills, emotional control, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills to children aged 8-12 who have cognitive, behavioral, social or emotional difficulties.

This manual includes designated group sessions to be delivered by healthcare practitioners alongside individual coaching sessions to be provided by a family member or individual carer between each group meeting. Extra materials include PowerPoint presentations, and a Thinking Tools resource, which are available to download from the JKP website.
  • Published: May 18 2017
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781785921681
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Sam Goldstein, Editor in Chief, Journal of Attention Disorders, School of Medicine, University of Utah

    This delightful and well written program builds on Dr. Young's years of scientific research directed at helping children at risk develop much need self control. After many years of research we know that pills will not substitute for the self discipline skills all children need to develop. Dr. Young has created a practical and engaging program to help children with the greatest need develop skilled thinking and reasoning skills. Bravo. This program should be a mandatory component of all treatment programs directed at youth with ADHD, ODD, ASD, Depression or Anxiety.
  • Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, London.

    This is a splendid, innovative contribution from an international expert on the cognitive management of attentional problems. The programme is scientifically grounded yet clearly fun for children with attentional, emotional, social and behavioural problems and instructive for their parents. It does more than promote thinking skills and builds self-efficacy in a range of psychological areas.
  • Dr. R. R. Ross, University of Ottawa; Director, Cognitive Centre of Canada.

    A theoretically sound, evidence-based, manualized, cognitive-behavioral program that will enable children to enjoy learning social -cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills and values essential to their development of pro-social competence.
  • Professor Margaret Weiss, Department of Psychiatry, University of Arkansas

    At last! STAR goes beyond diagnosis-based treatments to address the multiple difficulties children face... The book combines the best of a group intervention with individualized support... STAR can foster understanding and hope for children and their parents of the potential to build skills.