The Use of Performance Indicators in Higher Education

The Challenge of the Quality Movement Third Edition
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Over the last few years, the use of performance indicators has become widespread in public services. The first edition of this book, with its thorough review of the key issues in the development of performance indicators, made an immediate impact on the expanding field of performance measurement in higher education. It is widely quoted and used by higher education administrators and scholars in the field and has already become a source book for many workshops and conferences. The book has been thoroughly revised to take account of the most recent developments in the practice, literature and potential use of performance indicators. Particular attention is paid to recent developments in the polytechnics and colleges. It includes a survey of the literature developed in the USA, the United Kingdom and other OECD countries.
  • Published: Mar 01 1996
  • Pages: 160
  • 215 x 140mm
  • ISBN: 9781853023453
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Press Reviews

  • Times Higher Education Supplement

    Reviews of the first edition 'Excellent. Aimed at the [large] number of academic administrators for whom PI (as we have to learn to call them) are a new and slightly baffling game... analytical and critical in the true sense of the word... we must all learn to make intelligent use of performance indicators and this little book is an invaluable critical introduction both to basic concepts and to practical applications.'
  • Information Management in Education

    An excellent critical review of the development of and use of PI's over the last decade. This book has quickly established itself internationally as the standard work on the use of PI's and should be read by management of FE institutions.
  • Health Services Management Research

    This book will be essential reading for anyone interested, as potential evaluator, or evaluatee, in the management of higher education.
  • Journal of Geography in Higher Education.

    The most comprehensive analysis of the subject to date.
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

    Should be read by anyone who is interested in the management of institutions of higher education, particularly universities.
  • Higher Education in Europe

    The authors are all outstanding staff members at Brunel University. Their joint know-how in the field provides readers with a survey that is an introduction both to basic concepts and to practical applications... the present study, including an impressive updated bibliography, establishes itself internationally as a reference work on the use of PI's, the reading of which is a must.
  • Higher Education Abstracts

    Reviews of the second edition 'This book provides a thorough revision of the previous edition to take into account recent developments in the practice, literature, and potential use of performance indicators in higher education.'
  • Studies in Higher Education

    ...offers a useful summary and review of the fast growing literature on this subject, and the book will prove invaluable to anybody doing research or interested in this subject area.
  • Evaluation Practice

    In this informative, refreshingly well-reasoned book, a multidisciplinary team of authors provides an account of the present status and use of performance measures in higher education.
  • Educational Studies

    PI's are likely to become more important in the allocation of funding process. That being so, this book, as a review of those managerial and administrative aspects, is to be highly regarded.
  • Public Administration

    A thoughtful text which deserves to be read by most academics and university administrators.