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To My Trans Sisters

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Lambda Literary Award Finalist - LGBTQ Anthology
2019 Over the Rainbow Recommended Book List

Dedicated to trans women everywhere, this inspirational collection of letters written by successful trans women shares the lessons they learnt on their journeys to womanhood, celebrating their achievements and empowering the next generation to become who they truly are.

Written by politicians, scientists, models, athletes, authors, actors, and activists from around the world, these letters capture the diversity of the trans experience and offer advice from make-up and dating through to fighting dysphoria and transphobia.

By turns honest and heartfelt, funny and furious or beautiful and brave, these letters send a clear message of hope to their sisters: each of these women have gone through the struggles of transition and emerged the other side as accomplished, confident women; and if we made it sister, so can you!
  • Published: Oct 19 2017
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781785923432
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Press Reviews

  • Sarah O'Connell, host of The Sarah O'Connell Show on Youtube

    A must-read collection of letters from truly inspirational women. Packed with essential advice, stories of overcoming adversity, and uplifting messages of hope for anyone starting transition. This wonderful book shows that our community really is like a family, and most importantly: we've all got your back, sis.
  • Jennifer Finney Boylan, author of She's Not There and Long Black Veil

    Overflowing with hard-won wisdom and compassionate insight, Charlie Craggs' To My Trans Sisters is a love letter to our community from the women who understand, better than anyone, what our world is like. An invaluable resource for any trans person - and those that love us.
  • Sarah Savage, co-founder of the Trans Pride Brighton charity and author of Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?

    This inspiring collection of letters is essential reading for anyone thinking about transitioning and feels alone, or who wants to understand the diverse experiences trans women have. The messages of hope, humour and triumph over adversity make this book a powerful tool, regardless of where the reader is on the gender spectrum.
  • Publishers Weekly

    This invigorating anthology, written by trans women for trans women, is a welcome departure from the established genre of texts about trans individuals that seek to explain their lives and experiences for a presumed audience of primarily cisgendered individuals. Editor Craggs, a trans activist and founder of Nail Transphobia, assembles over 70 letters written by trans women, sharing the advice they wish they had been given earlier in life. Rather than documenting the psychological or physiological steps of self-discovery and transition, these letters discuss transness as embedded in fully individual lives. 'Don't get lost in the transition!' writes Kate Stone, founder of Novalia, a groundbreaking printing company. Fashion designer Gogo Graham's advice is more sobering: alluding to the threat of violence many trans people face, she writes, 'Find shoes in which you feel able to run.' Contributors are predominantly from the United States and Britain, though a scattering of letters, such as entries by Audrey Mbugua, a transgender activists based in Kenya, and Miss SaHHara, a singer-songwriter from Thailand, provide global context. The impressive professional and activist credentials of the letter writers, who include the creator of the transgender pride flag and the first transgender officer to serve openly in the U.K. military, might leave the reader wishing for a few unexceptional voices. Yet these women's success stories help counteract media narratives of tragedy without glossing over the pervasive discrimination and violence trans women, particularly trans women of color, face daily. While this book is written for a trans audience, cis readers will find value in reading a work not written primarily for them. (Nov.)
  • Library Journal, Starred Review

    A touching and inspiring anthology of letters edited by Craggs (founder of Nail Transphobia),this offering collects missives of advice for transgender women. Brief biographies precede each letter, allowing readers to get a sense of the background of the writer. Letters come in different formats: traditional letters, letters to the writer's self, poetry, single sentences, and more. Craggs gathers an astonishingly diverse cadre of contributors, who offer both practical and emotional advice. A full range of emotions are represented in the raw, allowing for celebration, anger, and beyond. The work is appropriate for reading straight through or for picking up at different points, delivering the experience of transgender women, nonbinary individuals, and more. Cisgender readers will get a sincere look into the lives of many trans individuals and glean excellent guidance for embarking on any personal journey, while trans readers will find a range of strengthening reflections. VERDICT A triumph in topics of gender and women's studies, this anthology is unlike anything available today and is a must-have for those seeking to understand the trans community on a myriad of levels.