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Uncomfortable Labels

My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman
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"So while the assumption when I was born was that I was or would grow up to be a neurotypical heterosexual boy, that whole idea didn't really pan out long term."

In this candid, first-of-its-kind memoir, Laura Kate Dale recounts what life is like growing up as a gay trans woman on the autism spectrum. From struggling with sensory processing, managing socially demanding situations and learning social cues and feminine presentation, through to coming out as trans during an autistic meltdown, Laura draws on her personal experiences from life prior to transition and diagnosis, and moving on to the years of self-discovery, to give a unique insight into the nuances of sexuality, gender and autism, and how they intersect.

Charting the ups and downs of being autistic and on the LGBT spectrum with searing honesty and humour, this is an empowering, life-affirming read for anyone who's felt they don't fit in.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781785925870
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Press Reviews

  • Jes Grobman, writer and sexuality educator

    Hauntingly relatable, Uncomfortable Labels is an incredibly necessary tale of living at the intersection of transgender and autistic identities. Humorously and accessibly written, Laura Kate Dale's story treads grounds scarcely discussed in memoir. A valuable addition to any library collection - personal or academic - on disability or gender issues.
  • Mia Violet, author of Yes, You Are Trans Enough

    Laura has written something that highlights the personal challenges that arise from an intersection of identities that are commonly paired, but rarely discussed in the public sphere.
  • NetGalley reviewer
    As well as being incredibly informative, the book was a joy to read, due to Laura's unique voice... The book is overall an inspiring, celebratory read, and marks Laura's talent of being able to balance the uplifting drive of the book with the harder struggles and serious topics she writes honestly about.
  • NetGalley reviewer
    A brilliant memoir about Laura's life and the ways being autistic and trans intersect.. Autistic people are much more likely to be on the LGBTQ spectrum than allistic people and it was really interesting to have it highlighted here as it's something that is often ignored but adds to the struggles we face. There were so many moments I identified with (I think I highlighted about half the book) and helped me understand parts of my life as an autistic person. It's always amazing to read anecdotes from someone elses life that could read as if they were talking about you. It's one of the best things about the autistic community speaking about their experiences... It's my favourite book about autism that I've read since being diagnosed and recommend it to any autistic people whether they are LGBTQ or not, as well as to anyone who wants to learn more about trans or autistic experiences.
  • NetGalley reviewer
    In this memoir, Laura Kate Dale discusses her life as a gay trans autistic woman. She does a fantastic job explaining to the reader how each of her identities has affected her life, and how the identities intersect and affect each other. It was an effective way to gain some insight into the thoughts and feelings of a person dealing with so many challenges presented to them by a society that often lacks care and understanding. Highly recommend.
  • NetGalley reviewer
    This book is a masterpiece that tells an uplifting tale of victory in the face of hardships, and the battle it often takes to be uncompromisingly true to yourself. Uncomfortable Labels is a must-read for anyone on the autism spectrum, any member of the LGBTAIQ+ community, anyone who knows someone in either group, or anyone who wants greater insight into the myriad of ways minority labels (especially working in conjunction) effect those who bear them.
  • Publishers Weekly
    Dale's prose is charmingly matter-of-fact and conversational, weaving in asides on cats, video games, and her "favourite ever vegan chocolate cheesecake," and she perceptively identifies the challenges she has faced and workable solutions for them. This hopeful and reflective account will resonate with readers affected by similar issues and inspire others.