Costs and Consequences of Placing Children in Care

It costs more to place a child in the care of a local authority than it does to send a child to a top boarding school, and there are substantial variations in costs both between and within authorities.

This book gets to the bottom of the costs of care and provides an insight into how these variations in cost relate to differences in children's needs, and most importantly, whether higher costs reflect better services and better outcomes for children.

Costs and Consequences for Children Placed Away from Home draws from new original research, and considers the implications for best practice and future policy. It also features information about a newly pioneered resource: a fully workable decision analysis model designed for use in local authorities which uses historical data for each child to calculate the probable cost consequences of difference placement choices.

This book sheds light on how to calculate the financial and social costs of care, and will be invaluable to both social work managers and policy makers working in children's services.
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Press reviews for: Costs and Consequences of Placing Children in Care

Professional Social Work

This book may have an important contribution to make towards ensuring that costs of care are looked at consistently within, and across, local authorities and help to ensure the best possible care is provided for looked after children.

British Journal of Social Work

The messages for practice within are many.


The book provides a wealth of information to help to address a number of key questions.

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