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I’m a trans person who edits children’s books. The culture wars engulfs me on all sides

Written by Commissioning Editor, Alex DiFrancesco. The Guardian.


JKP acquires collection of eating disorder stories

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) has acquired a collection of eating disorder stories entitled Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate, edited by Dr Chukwuemeka "Chuks" Nwuba and TikToker Bailey Spinn. The Bookseller.

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Author interview with Vaneet Mehta

Author interviews and features in Scottish LGBTQ+ Magazine, Somewhere for Us


JKP seek 'stories of resistance'

Hachette and Jessica Kingsley Publishers seek 'stories of resistance' for JKP writing prize. The Bookseller.


Harry Nicholas’s novel explores life, love and sex as a gay trans man

Harry Nicholas on his book A Trans Man Walks into a Gay Bar. Dazed.


Autistic people are really struggling with how uncertain things are

Siena Castellon discussing The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide. The Guardian.


'I didn't know I had ADHD'

'I didn't know I had ADHD'. Author writes definitive guide to a misunderstood condition. Metro.


11 LGBTQ non-fiction books

11 LGBTQ non-fiction books exploring queer lives this autumn. Pink News


Say Book Ban One More Time!

Say Book Ban One More Time! Article exploring the effect of book bans on the LGBTQIA+ community. Cosmopolitan.


Music Psychotherapy and Anxiety... book review

Music Psychotherapy and Anxiety review in BACP's magazine Therapy Today.


Parents publish book as insight into autism

The parents of an autistic woman are publishing a book featuring her writing to help "prevent the mistakes" of her death from being repeated. BBC News.