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Connected by Autism
is JKP's online autism conference, where we invite our authors, collaborators and key voices in the autism conversation to speak on topics affecting the community today, presented as a mixture of live and pre-recorded talks. 


In March 2021 we held our first online conference, which featured talks on topics as diverse as mental health and wellbeing, self-regulation, socialising and communication, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, the PDA profile, discussing a diagnosis, self-employment, yoga, masking and more. Following its success and popularity, we have since repackaged the video content used there into themed bundles, which are available to purchase from the JKP Library


“JKP’s work with the autism community goes back more than thirty years; our books in this area are the foundation and backbone of our publishing. We are immensely proud of the support we have provided over the years for those whose lives are touched by autism and feel privileged to be servicing this incredible community.”
- Sanphy Thomas, Managing Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers


Our second Connected by Autism event was held in March 2022, and centred around the themes of relationships, gender, sexuality and safety. Featuring over 75% Autistic speakers, the conference included talks from Erin Ekins, Yenn Purkis, Sam Rose, Luke Beardon, Sarah Hendrickx, Emma Goodall, Michael Barton, Laura Kate Dale, Robyn Steward, Carly Jones and many more. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees to this conference, and look forward to taking the Connected by Autism brand from strength to strength in the coming years. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about our future events. 


“JKP is proud to have published so many amazing authors, some of whom have written numerous books for us and many of whom feel like family. Every one - from autistic individuals using their voices to help, support and advocate, to professionals imparting expertise, to parents sharing experiences and advice – has created positive change in the autism community. I am delighted that such a diverse cross-section of our authors are involved in this event, and that our longstanding readers and people new to JKP alike will benefit from their knowledge and experience.”
Lisa Clark, Editorial Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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