Collection: Joanna Grace

Joanna Grace is an international sensory engagement and inclusion specialist, trainer, author, TEDx speaker and founder of The Sensory Projects. Consistently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, Joanna has taught in mainstream and special school settings, connecting with pupils of all ages and abilities. Joanna has also supported adult care teams supporting individuals with Dementia and individuals with Profound Disabilities, and families caring for loved ones at home. Joanna has created educational resources for a number of notableorganisations including Amnesty International, Oxfam and the Booktrust. She has also supported public settings small and large with their ambitions to be more inclusive. To inform her work Joanna draws on her own experience from her private and professional life as well as taking in all the information she can from the research archives. Joanna's private life includes family members with profound disabilities and time spent as a registered foster carer for children with profound disabilities. Joanna grew up at sea, travelling with her family in their self built concrete boat, she now lives in rural Cornwall in a little hamlet with no house numbers or road names. She also lives on the rail network travelling the UK delivering training and conference presentations to delegates keen to know more about how simple sensory resources can be used as effective tools for inclusion. In all of her work Joanna is seeking to contribute to a future where people are understood in spite of their differences. Joanna is a big fan of social media and is always happy to connect with people online. You can find her on Twitter at @jo3grace, or through her website