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Integrating Psychodrama and Systemic Constellation Work

New Directions for Action Methods, Mind-Body Therapies and Energy Healing
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Systemic Constellation Work is a rapidly growing experiential healing process that is being embraced by a variety of helping professionals, both traditional and alternative, worldwide. This book explores the history, principles and methodology of this approach, and offers a detailed comparison with psychodrama - the original mind-body therapy - explaining how each method can enhance the other.

Constellation work is based on the notion that people are connected by unseen energetic forces and suggests that the psychological, traumatic and survival experiences of our ancestors are genetically passed forward to the next generation and may live within us. Using insightful case studies from a variety of client groups, this book shows how Systemic Constellation Work can expand the possibilities of psychodrama techniques, and can be successfully integrated with psychodramatic enactment, guided imagery, ritual, concretization and other methods of healing and personal growth.

This book will be essential reading for students and practitioners of psychodrama and Constellation work, as well as counselors, mental health professionals, experiential therapists, creative and expressive arts therapists and alternative practitioners looking to widen their knowledge of mind-body therapies.
  • Published: Oct 15 2011
  • Pages: 192
  • 228 x 175mm
  • ISBN: 9781849058544
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Press Reviews

  • The Transactional Analyst

    The book is thoughtfully organised so that a practitioner would be able to use it for reference; the chapter on assessment/diagnosis using the two orientations is particularly insightful. We were impressed that so much material is incorporated in a relatively short book, including those aspects of Hellinger's theory that are generally regarded as controversial. We liked the humility with which the book ends, acknowledging that we stand in a particular time, that both modalities have grown and changed and will continue to do so in the hands of future practitioners.
  • Zerka T. Moreno, co-founder of Psychodrama, USA

    One of the most satisfying experiences for a teacher is to see one's students expand one's teaching. In this book, Karen Carnabucci and Ron Anderson have done just that. They have thrown light upon how two treatment systems can be viewed and applied in combination, giving both the respect and value they deserve. Thus the authors are to be commended for their fine, thoughtful contribution to the larger field.
  • Francesca Mason Boring, facilitator and teacher of Systems Constellation and author of Notes from the Indigenous Field: Family Constellation, Ceremony & Ritual, USA

    This book has a multitude of practical applications, it is informative and it is a unique discussion. What it also provides is an adventure for the reader. It leaves one with a sense that these innovations require - to some degree - a sense of adventure, a willingness to stand on new ground, and a guide who is fearless. For those who are willing to venture out, oftentimes such a journey produces a humbling and healing result.
  • Heinz Stark, founder and director of the Institute of Systemic Integrative Therapy, Germany

    I am convinced that this lively, practical book will help to serve its good cause by inspiring those readers familiar with psychodrama to take a closer look at the seemingly similar but very different ways of thinking and practice of phenomenological Systemic Constellation Work. Likewise, it will beyond doubt encourage the Systemic Constellation facilitators to experiment with the many fine ways and concepts offered to us by Psychodrama.
  • Dale Richard Buchanan, Ph.D, former Director of Clinical Therapies, St. Elizabeths Hospital, Washington D.C., USA

    Anderson and Carnabucci have written a seminal book that bridges the fields of psychodrama and systemic constellation work. This book offers readers both sound theoretical information and practical interventions. A must read for all experiential therapists or those who yearn to include more experiential exercises into their professional practices.
  • Dr. Chris Walsh, psychiatrist working in private practice, Australia

    In this pioneering book Karen Carnabucci and Ronald Anderson present a theoretical and practical integration of two experiential therapies - psychodrama and systemic constellation work, whilst still managing to respect the inherent differences of these two approaches. This integration is solidly based on practical experience of both modalities. This is clearly conveyed through their use of easy to follow case vignettes. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in experiential therapies.