Effective Self-Care and Resilience in Clinical Practice

Dealing with Stress, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

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Hope and resilience are essential throughout therapeutic practice as clinicians encounter a number of challenges that can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout. Through a collection of reflective practitioner accounts, this book explores how practitioners can achieve their best work through a framework of compassion.

Combining a number of examples from a variety of practices, including clinical psychology, consultancy, and nursing, each chapter explores how compassion can influence therapeutic work and improve practitioner wellbeing. Topics include stress-resilience, the nature of self-care, self-compassion or self-criticism and supervision in therapeutic practice. These stories offer guidance and ideas for practitioners to prioritise their wellbeing in order to develop a compassionate engagement with clients contributing to a greater therapeutic outcome.
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Press reviews for: Effective Self-Care and Resilience in Clinical Practice

Emma Ford, Safeguarding Manager

True compassion can effectively tackle the most complex needs, of which this book articulates so brilliantly!

Dr Melanie Hugill, Clinical Psychologist

The benefits of compassion are emphasised in this book through the sharing of experiential journeys which offer hope to all practitioners that compassion is possible and can be nurtured, even within the difficult systems we operate in.

Dr Tammi Walker, Senior Lecturer, The University of Manchester

A timely, relevant and outstanding publication. This book is an essential read for anyone working in health and social care but also students interested in this important area.

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