Can I Tell You About Being Jewish?

A Helpful Introduction for Everyone

What does it mean to be Jewish? Are there different ways of being Jewish? Can you be Jewish but not religious? In this friendly guide, 12-year-old Ruth explains the different ways a person can experience being Jewish, by introducing us to her family and friends.

Documenting the lived experience of being Jewish, the book contains diary entries covering festivals, rituals, ethics, and what a relationship with God entails, as well as more challenging topics such as Israel, the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Providing an excellent starting point for discussion with children, it also includes a helpful list of recommended sources for further information.
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Press reviews for: Can I Tell You About Being Jewish?

Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Professor Emeritus of Judaism, University of Wales

A charming, easy-to-understand introduction to the Jewish way of life, delightfully illustrated.

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