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Ageing, Spirituality and Well-being

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This publication brings together plenary addresses and other papers originally present at the Second International Conference on Ageing, Spirituality and Well-Being. The contributions are compassionate, warm and humane. The book is often insightful, frequently surprising, and can, without hesitation, be recommended as an introductory text to undergraduate nurses who wish to pursue those themes so ably captured by the title.'

- Nursing Philosophy

'This is a timely book, appearing when those in the medical profession are beginning to accept that the spiritual and religious needs of people, and in particular older people, are important subjects which deserve to be considered when assessing the quality of life of a patient.'

- Signpost

'I enjoyed reading this book, with its rich explorations and insights into spirituality in later life... It brings together the views of some of the most well known academics, theologians and medical professionals working in this area... This book is beautifully edited, with an ample introduction, biographies of each of the presenters and enough reading references to fill at least a section of a library. Jewell says he hopes it will be a worthy contribution to the ongoing discussion of spirituality and well -being, and in this he undoubtedly succeeds. There are many snapshots of the life stories of older people scattered throughout the book. I will conclude with the comment of a woman with dementia to her occupational therapist after an art activity: "We have been on a wonderful journey, you and I. What fun we have had, laughing and singing. Holding a rainbow in our hands".'

- Journal of Dementia Care

'It should be required reading for EVERY pastor, carer, visitor, family member'.

-The Expository Times

'We are told that we live in a society where ageing is often viewed as an embarrassment, suffering and dying a meaningless experience and death a medical failure. The contributors, from medicine, theology and the social sciences, aim to give guidance on how the particular spiritual needs of the elderly can be defined and addressed; and how meaningful care and support can be given.'

- The International Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research

'This timely book is an excellent, accessible introduction to the spiritual aspects of ageing and deserves to be widely read by anyone with a pastoral concern. It also offers useful practical insights into our own ageing and suggests ways in which we might approach it creatively and with confidence.'

- Methodist Recorder

'This collection of essays on the spiritual well-being of older people has something to offer believers and non-believers alike... All the contributors ponder the application of spirituality, either as a part of formal religion or not, to the lives of older people, and conclude that this area of care is fundamental to positive living in the fourth age of life... the essays are a thought-provoking and insightful contribution to the4 provision of hostilic care in old age.

- Community Care

'This is an interesting and worthwhile book. The writings come from people of disparate professions and experiences and from several continents. We all have a great deal to learn of and from each other's traditions. I hope it will be read and used widely by church groups as well as professionals "living off the geriatric burden''. There is wonderful material here to help us make something of our awareness that there is more to life than individual material well-being.'

-Dementia Plus Website

How can we promote the enduring well-being of those who are moving into the 'fourth' age of life? Ageing, Spirituality and Well-being explores how well-being is not about physical health alone; having purpose in life and continual spiritual growth are vital elements for older individuals. This book provides guidance on how the particular spiritual needs of this age group can be defined and addressed, and how meaningful care and support can be given.

The contributors use their expertise in the fields of medicine, theology and the social sciences to explore ways of overcoming obstacles and finding a balance when dealing with the inner, and inextricably linked outer, lives of elders, including those with dementia or who have had strokes. A collection of diverse views, practical observations and sound advice, this is a thought-provoking resource for all those concerned with the physical, mental and pastoral well-being of older people.
  • Published: Oct 15 2003
  • Pages: 224
  • 234 x 158mm
  • ISBN: 9781843101673
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Press Reviews

  • Handicap Info

    This is a thought-provoking resource for all those concerned with the physical, mental and pastoral well-being of older people.
  • The Good Book Stall

    I was drawn to this book in a search for theology of ageing, but found much more. Though it tackles uncomfortable issues the confront us all, the book is a delight, full of hope and reassurance... So we are helped to answer not what we can do about the ageing problem, but what is the meaning of ageing - something for us all.