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Autism and Me

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Runner up in the Nasen and TES Special Educational Needs Book Awards 2007

Only people with autism truly know what it's like to be autistic - and even then, every autistic individual is unique! This award-winning short film by Rory Hoy, an 18-year-old filmmaker with autism, provides a privileged glimpse into his autistic world, letting us take a journey through his everyday experience and see it through his eyes.

In easy, accessible terms, Rory explains what having autism means for everyday functioning: what it's like, for instance, not to have the natural inclination to respond to someone who calls you by your name, or someone who waves at you; what it's like to take someone literally when actually they have used a figure of speech. He describes the confusion caused by high noise levels, crowded environments and even by his own emotions and physical sensations, as well as the security and comfort found in routines, forward planning and having thoughtful, calm and loving people around him.

This engaging, insightful and light-hearted film will be invaluable to people with autism, their friends and family, and to professionals working with them. A booklet explaining the film, also compiled by the author, accompanies the DVD.
  • Published: Jan 15 2007
  • 191 x 164mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105466
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Press Reviews

  • Communication

    This is a cheerful, fast-moving and optimistic 20-minute film snapshot of Rory's life. He made this film to try and explain exactly what it is like to have autism and help raise awareness and understanding of those like him who have the condition... This DVD could be used in a variety of ways to enhance people's understanding and awareness and I think the style and content makes it suitable for a wide-ranging audience.
  • Special Children

    Autism and Me will be invaluablefor anyone involved in providing training about autism, teachers in primary and secondary schools, health professionals and social workers. I think it will be particularly helpful for teenagers with autism and Asperger's syndrome who are seeking to find out more about themselves... This light-hearted, positive but realistic film will be particularly helpful for parents of children and young people woth "high functioning" autism and Asperger's syndrome.
  • CaN! Wales Carers Network & Autism Academy Bulletin

    Because Autism is explained by a young man who has experience of it, the explanation seems very natural and easy to understand for other young people in particular. However this DVD will have universal appeal. It is a good explanation of how Autism affects people that is easy to take in. The main points of the DVD are echoed in an accompanying booklet with some great photos.
  • Aukids Magazine

    Rory is a charming young adult with autism and has made this short film to describe his condition to other people - professionals, families and friends. It gives a snapshot of what it's like to be autistic from his point of view. Those new to the condition will benefit from his honest and literal descriptions and this DVD and accompanying booklet is a great introduction to the difficulties that may be experienced by people with autism.
  • Pastoral Care

    The Film is a remarkable achievement and makes a noteworthy addition to a limited but highly valuable stock of books and videos that include first-hand accounts of autism. In this account, Rory uses easily accessible terms and a light-hearted approach to describe the confusion he experiences daily and the security and comfort he finds in a structured approach to living and a network of affectionate support. He emphasizes how everyday functions and encounters that are usually taken for granted pose significant challenges to people with autism. He also shares the strategies he has learned, and regularly uses, to cope with and engage with the complex social world he encounters... The DVD also warrants recommendation as an educational resource. Most important of all, it is a positive affirmation of what an individual with autism can achieve!.
  • Your Link

    A new 20 minute DVD about the realities of living with autism is now on sale. Presented by 18-year old Rory Hoy, Autism and Me offers a personal perspected about living with autism... It focuses on how autism makes Rory feel different from other people, highlighting things like his need for routine. The DVD was a runner up in the Nasen and TES Special Educational Needs Book Awards, 2007.