Collection: Hilda Hayo

Hilda Hayo has been the Chief Admiral Nurse/CEO for Dementia UK since 2013, the charity who specialises in the provision and development of Admiral Nurses (specialist dementia nurses) to help families live as well as possible with dementia. A dual registered nurse, she has over 35 years experience developing and leading dementia specialist teams. During this time, Hilda has held senior positions in clinical services, hospital management and higher education. She held Principal Lecturer posts at both London South Bank University and the University of Northampton, specialising in older people's mental health and community care. Hilda is particularly proud of setting up and leading a nurse-led Younger People with Dementia service in Northamptonshire and still retains a small clinical caseload of families living with the effects of young onset dementia. She is currently completing a doctorate into "How and why does social connectedness change in families living with the effects of behavioural varient frontotemporal dementia?"