Collection: Back to School 2023

With the back-to-school season just around the corner, a touch of jitters might be floating in the air for some children. Especially for those who might struggle to feel safe or those that feel different from other kids.
But for parents and carers, it is a golden moment to have some special moments with your little ones – ask how they're feeling and build up their confidence as they start their new school year.
For teachers, it's the perfect opportunity to switch up your classroom so it caters for all types of learners - those little sensory explorers too! Some of the tips & strategies found in our books can transform your learning environment into a safe haven for all, meaning more potential for those kids to learn!
So dive right into our back-to-school page, filled with free resources, handpicked book lists and a discount code so you can make your school budget go that little bit further!
Back to School 2023