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How to Best Support Your Dyslexic Child or Teen

Parenting your dyslexic child will likely be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you need to know the right tools to bring out the best in your young person. Diagnosing dyslexia can significantly improve outcomes, so if you notice ongoing difficulties with reading, writing, or spelling, it can be helpful to seek an assessment from an expert.

Once diagnosed, helping your child to navigate their challenges and strengths is essential for them to build self-esteem and understanding of where they might need extra support. Focusing on the below is a great start to building happiness and fulfilment:

Acknowledging Strengths

Dyslexic people often have amazing skills in creativity, problem-solving, and verbal skills. Nurturing these talents can boost your child or teen's self-esteem and motivation so you should celebrate these achievements, no matter how small.

Building Self-Advocacy

As your child grows up, teach them to advocate for themselves. This includes understanding their dyslexia, knowing what adjustments can be made, and communicating their needs to teachers and friends.

Finding Support

Organisations such as Patoss, Helen Arkell and the British Dyslexia Association can be useful for advice and support. Our resources for dyslexic children include spelling activities, books on memory and dyslexia, study strategies, empowering guides and more. They can be used for homeschooling, or simply to build confidence. 

Top 5 Must-Read Books for Parenting Your Dyslexic Child

Get clear guidance

Parents often ask 'what should I do next' - this book drawing on research gathered by 'The British Dyslexia Association' provides the answer in a comprehensive and clear manner.

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Find resources and strategies to use with your child

Child psychologist, Valerie Muter, goes beyond the classroom to offer a wealth of resources for parents to use at home to help engage their child in reading and writing.

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Dive into this practical parent workbook

A practical parents' workbook for supporting dyslexic learners, covering reading, writing, spelling and wellbeing

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Bring some fun into your child's learning!

This fun illustrated book is designed to boost self-esteem in your dyslexic children aged 7-11. It helps kids to understand their unique learning styles and develop personalised strategies for success.

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Read with your child/teen

Read this collection of more than 100 first-hand accounts of children and young adults talking about their experiences with dyslexia.

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Get 20% off these books with the code: GODYSP