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101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Lessons

Fun Activities and Lesson Plans for Children Aged 3 – 11
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Create an inclusive classroom for all through engaging maths activities such as Shape Bingo, Cake Splat! and Fruity Fractions, all of which have been matched to the UK National Curriculum P Levels 4 - 8. Tailored to the specific P Level, each lesson plan includes a learning objective, the resources needed, the main activity, a plenary and a consolidation activity to help support children's understanding.

When working with children, and especially those with SEN, lessons need to meet their interests as well as their needs by containing visual stimulus, movement and fine and gross motor skills, and the activities in this book have been specifically designed with this in mind. This straightforward and practical book offers you 101 creative classroom activities for teaching maths to pupils who are achieving at P Levels 4 - 8 and Key Stage One as well as mapping the range of additional skills they will acquire.
  • Published: Nov 21 2016
  • Pages: 136
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781785921018
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Diana Hudson, author of Specific Learning difficulties: What Teachers Need to Know

    This exciting book provides enjoyable and tailored multisensory activities enabling young children to explore mathematics through play. Suitable for mainstream and SEN pupils, it will enhance learning and create a love of discovery. The clear learning outcomes and performance guidelines help teachers and children to have fun with confidence.
  • Peter Imray, Freelance trainer, adviser and writer on Special Educational Needs

    101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Activities is a book that every teacher and TA teaching primary pupils who are working at below age related expectations needs to own. Simple and easy to read, it is full of ideas about engaging children in play, so that teaching (and learning) becomes a process - children learn by doing, rather than a product - here's a work sheet to complete. This is a book about having FUN, the best resource any teacher can own.
  • Sue Beaman MBE (for services to special education), retired head teacher at a special school

    101 Inclusive and SEN Maths Activities is a brilliant, easy to use resource for any teacher. The authors clearly have a profound knowledge and expertise about how children are inspired to learn through having fun! The captivating but simple activities provide the breadth of learning opportunities every child needs.
  • Dr Penny Barratt, Executive Headteacher of The Bridge School in London and The Bridge Integrated Learning Space

    As Headteacher of the school Kate and Claire worked at whilst writing this book, I can fully endorse all of the activities they suggest, as I have seen them working in practice. The pupils in their classes developed their understanding of maths through this wide array of fun learning activities. I encourage teachers of pupils with special educational needs in both special schools and mainstream schools to use these activities to promote maths learning in a way that truly engages pupils.
  • Adele Devine, special needs teacher at Portesbery School and JKP author

    This book is full of really useful tried and tested ideas for gaining and sustaining the attention of learners with SEN in numeracy lessons. It will be particularly useful to teachers with developing knowledge of SEN, who are wishing to make their lessons more inclusive. '101 Inclusive and SEN maths activities' also offers a wealth of ideas, which can be used in home education.