18 Wellbeing Hacks for Students

Using Psychology's Secrets to Survive and Thrive

How can the desk in front of you reveal a whole new perspective on your life?
What's so important about refusing to board the catastrophe train?
Why does the anti-rotting agent given off by plants make you feel great?

Through 18 short chapters, Aidan Harvey-Craig scours every corner of psychology - from neuroscience to psychodynamics - to uncover the unexpected secrets of hacking your wellbeing. Based on the latest research, each chapter takes you on a journey of surprises, guiding you through an abundance of deceptively simple ideas which will help you to see your world in a new light and improve your wellbeing.

Organised into three sections - 'Notice', 'Energise' and 'Connect' - each hack addresses issues that affect us all, including our sleep, relationships, stress, identity, and our dependence on smartphones. Intertwining the latest insights in psychology with practical and easy-to-use advice, this book offers new ways to empower yourself and tackle the challenges of growing up and studying in the 21st Century.
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Press reviews for: 18 Wellbeing Hacks for Students

Isaac, Student, University of Manchester

This book simply explains what the hack is, how to put it into day-to-day life and the psychology that explains why it works.

Gilda Scarfe, CEO and founder of Positive Ed Ltd, International Speaker

A must read for anyone who wants to learn to be accountable for their own success and wellbeing.

Kirsty R. Lowe, Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. UK

Aidan Harvey-Craig has brought his experience of working in psychology and education to produce this highly informative and thought provoking book. It is packed with evidenced-based life hacks, provided in a refreshing format. I may not be a student, but I've taken away many life hacks from the book that I'm now using. Highly recommended!

Adrian Bethune, award-winning author and wellbeing advisor

This is my kind of book! It's evidence-based, easy to read and so practical. This book will prove so useful to students. A book that will help them understand themselves and the people around them better, as well as equipping them with the tools they need to thrive.

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