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20 Ways to Break Free From Trauma

From Brain Hijacking to Post-Traumatic Growth
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Trauma is a wound - one that we often hide from ourselves and others.
Philippa Smethurst - a psychotherapist with decades of experience - has written this compassionate and practical guide to help you to understand, process and move beyond trauma. The book explains twenty common ways that trauma can show itself - from dissociation and anger to brain hijacking and trust issues - but also how you can move on from them.
Drawing on the latest brain- and body-based research, this book uses stories, poetry and reflective exercises, to give you the guidance and tools you need.
  • Published: Nov 21 2024
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 9781805013105
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Press Reviews

  • Miriam Taylor – psychotherapist, trauma consultant, author and international trainer

    Written for sufferers and their supporters, this accessible book opens the door to the world of trauma and its effects. With clear explanations, creative images and case studies, it guides the reader through to the other side by means of practical exercises and reflections.
  • Daphne Clifton, Business Performance Coach

    I'm living proof that what Philippa writes works
  • Philip Robinson, CEO of the Yellow Heart

    A very well researched book that will bring the reader up-to-date with the comprehensive therapeutic interventions available today for PTSD. It is highly practical, with case studies and exercises that are extremely helpful on an ongoing basis.
  • Simon Hewett-Avison, CEO of Homeless Oxfordshire

    Philippa captures so brilliantly the link between the behaviours we see, and the deep-seated trauma people have faced. In this book Philippa shares her wealth of experience, stories and questions we can all use when working with people who have experienced trauma and multiple disadvantage.