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A Different Home

A New Foster Child's Story
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A sensitive picture book to help ease the anxieties of foster children aged 4 to 10 entering placement.

In A Different Home, Jessie tells us her story of being placed in foster care. At first she is worried and has lots of questions. The new home is not like her old home -- she has a different bedroom, different clothes, and there's different food for breakfast. She also misses her family. When Jim and Debbie, her foster parents, answer her questions she begins to feel better and see that this different home is kind of nice.

Written in simple language and fully illustrated in color, this storybook is designed to help children in care, or moving into care, to settle in and answer some of the questions they may have. Accompanied by notes for adults on how to use the story with children, it will be a useful book for foster parents and caseworkers, as well as social workers, teachers and anyone else working with children in foster care.
  • Published: May 21 2021
  • Pages: 48
  • 246 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970917
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Press Reviews

  • Jenny Molloy, Looked After Children Adviser and Trainer, and author of Hackney Child written as Hope Daniels

    The depth of empathy running through the story is heartfelt. I could hear, smell and feel the little one all the way through. This book will surely comfort and go some way to allay the very real fears that run through you as a child when being placed in the care system.
  • Rhonda Sciortino, former foster child and author of 'Succeed Because of What You've Been Through'

    A Different Home transported me back to the time when, at the age of 7 or 8, I was dropped off with total strangers. I had no idea why I was there or how long I'd be there for. The strangers' house was clean, their fridge was full, and they were nice -- but they were still strangers. They changed my life in a positive way, for which I am grateful, though much of my anxiety could have been relieved had they been able to read this book with me.
  • Dr. Sue Cornbluth, Psychologist, National Expert in Foster Care/Adoption and Trauma, USA

    A Different Home shows how children often feel about entering foster care and being away from the only home they have ever known. It's accurate, honest, warm and a great resource for parents and professionals.
  • Healthy Books blog

    The really lovely pictures in this sensitive picture book are a huge asset and show clearly Jessie's feelings as well as her development from fear to acceptance, and some advice to foster parents from the authors, experienced at fostering, are an asset too.