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A Gobblegark’s Guide to Your Brilliant Neurodivergent Brain

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  • Published: Oct 19 2023
  • Pages: 128
  • 244 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781839978524
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Psstt.. over here... I'm Jangles... I'm a Gobblegark!... No time to explain, join me on a treasure hunt!

This is no ordinary treasure hunt. In fact, this book is quite magical. You'll meet caterpillars and gobblegarks and best of all? You'll see how fantastic being neurodivergent is! Win keys by completing some challenges along the way, each one leading you closer to the treasure and to knowing a bit more about yourself and your brain. Built-in breaktimes ensure that you won't get overwhelmed. Afterall, it can be tiring investigating your brain, making your way through a maze, and finding out how to use the strengths of your brain and understand yourself!

Downloadable worksheets let you truly make this book your own because you can go back to activities as many times as you need, or do them in different ways, (and of course skip the ones you don't!). Let's make our brilliant brains even more amazing with this Gobblegark Guide!

Press Reviews

  • Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation - The Neurodiversity Charity

    This book is a timely contribution to the growing number of young people who identify as neurodivergent thinkers who instinctively know there is hidden talent and potential in them waiting to be discovered. This book offers a sense of direction, a route map and a toolkit. This should be in every school library!
  • SW, autistic 9-year-old and honorary Gobblegark

    I really liked that you can fill in stuff on each page. It's really good for kids my age and it was really fun finding out all the stuff about my brain and doing all the challenges.
  • Valerie Ivens, Founder ADHD Richmond and Kingston, ADHD coach and advocate

    I absolutely LOVE this book! It's fun, relevant, and clearly written by someone who totally understands and has worked with neurodivergent children.