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A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years

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Aiding discussion of gender diversity and sexuality with very young children, this practical guide helps practitioners explore these themes in early years settings. Promoting and extending current good practice, the book offers advice and activities that will support children in discovering their identity and also demonstrates how to work with parents.

This guide presents a background to gender theory alongside examples and case studies, showing that activities and settings can work together for children to recognise their full potential in a supportive environment. This book addresses a wide variety of topics such as staff training and team management, how to support and promote men working in childcare, transgender issues and ways practice can be challenged, to give those working with young children a great foundation for teaching about diversity.

Proposing aims that early years practitioners can work towards and providing practical ideas to take directly in to the workplace, this hands-on guide sets out to create and encourage outstanding practice for all professionals teaching young children.
  • Published: Oct 19 2017
  • Pages: 104
  • 219 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922893
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Press Reviews

  • Judy Simon, early years practitioner, Brighton

    The book is full of searching questions, practical ideas and suggestions that all practitioners can implement - a straightforward tool to help any setting ensure that good equality and diversity practice is the cornerstone of their work.
  • Kath Tayler, Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education, University of Brighton

    This is an important and timely book. Early years practitioners will find the practical ideas and activities invaluable in enabling them to think about gender and sexuality and to deepen the support they offer young children and their families.
  • Mindy Blaise, Professor, Early Childhood Education, Victoria University, Australia

    This is a must read for early years' practitioners who want to make a difference regarding gender diversity and sexuality, but aren't sure how or where to start. Real cases illuminate issues and dilemmas that are faced every day. Personal reflections and activities provoke changes in practitioners' thinking and practice. This book is engaging, it's inspiring, and it's important.
  • Clair Barnard, Early Childhood Project Co-ordinator, Brighton

    Accessible, full of common sense and written in a way that is supportive, helpful and will enable practitioners and early years settings become confident and better able to support children in their exploration and their choices around gender diversity, sexuality and life! Early years settings will find practical ideas to make positive changes in thinking, practice, attitudes and be the best role models for all children and the very young children who are gender questioning.
  • Dr Jayne Osgood PhD, Professor of Early Years and Gender, Centre for Education Research & Scholarship, Middlesex University, London

    A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years makes an important contribution to scholarly debates, but perhaps more crucially, it provides vital insights and practical strategies for early childhood educators to work more effectively with children and their families. The writing is lively and engaging. It is a timely publication that draws on the author's extensive knowledge and expertise and offers a powerful space for asking and addressing pressing social justice questions.
  • Special Educational Needs Resources Blog

    An important book to help promote diversity and equality in early years education. The guidance provided is useful and explained in such a way that practitioners can feel confident in implementing it. It supports practitioners in ensuring their early years setting promotes equality and diversity... I particularly liked that the book provides activities throughout that promotes practitioners to question their decisions, personal view point, management and setting.