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A Practical Guide to Working with Sex Offenders

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Many safeguarding practitioners do not specialise in work with sex offenders, but do find themselves working with them and need professional understanding and expertise to do so. This book provides professionals with a clear understanding of current theory and good practice.

Designed as a complement to specialist assessment processes, it covers relevant theory, ranging from current research on to neurobiology and sexual deviance, through to types of offending and offender profiles. It also lays out key areas of good practice, from carrying out assessments, managing risk and making complex decisions through to current legislation and how best to safeguard families.

Taking you from the fundamental principles right through to responding to complex cases, this book is essential reading for all safeguarding professionals.
  • Published: Oct 21 2020
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785925061
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Ruth Tully, Consultant Forensic Psychologist, Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd, Nottingham, UK

    This book is a concise and useful guide for practitioners or those interested in working with sexual offenders. It is also ideally placed to help inform counsellors and therapists who are beginning to work with sex offenders. The book provides not only an overview of the theories associated with sex offender interventions and assessment, but also an update as to the recent developments in the UK. This is essential knowledge for anyone working in this complex area. The book provides a realistic overview of the nuances of the varied and often uncertain field of sex offending, and will help practitioners and students alike in being aware of current best practice. I highly recommend this book for people working with, or training to work with, sexual offenders.
  • Kieran McCartan, Professor of Sociology & Criminology and Leader of the Social Science Research Group, UWE Bristol, and International Chair & Executive Board member, Association the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

    Working with people who have committed, or who are at risk of committing a sexual offence, is challenging and complex. This book is a valuable resource in this work with clear, concise and practical advice. In their text, the Wills' provide a rounded and thoughtful guide that compliments working practices in the UK, and beyond, in an engaging as well as thoughtful fashion.