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A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Strengths and Self-Esteem Cards

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Dr Treisman's deck of 70 cards offers creative ways to help develop self-esteem, strengths and resilience.

Suitable for use with all ages - from children aged 6+ to adults - and for one-to-one, group or team settings, the cards provide an approachable way to explore wishes, hopes, dreams, identity and much more. The pack is organized into three different card types: 1) illustrated strengths cards; 2) strengths-based sentence completion cards; and 3) fun activities. Together, they provide an easy way to engage in self-reflection, whether through inspiring conversations or a more structured activity.

The deck is accompanied by a helpful booklet which explains the many ways in which the pack can be used - from the simple to the inspiring and creative.
  • Published: Nov 19 2021
  • 152 x 104mm
  • ISBN: 9781787757851
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