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ADHD Girls to Women

Getting on the Radar
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  • Published: Nov 21 2023
  • Pages: 224
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781805010548
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ADHD girls and women often fall under the radar. Their lives impacted by a society that is largely disinterested in understanding ADHD outside of the male framework. No longer. This book connects the latest science on ADHD in women to the compelling lived experiences of girls and women with ADHD, weaving in their personal struggles and their breakthroughs, from childhood and the teen years through to motherhood, menopause and beyond.

Family doctor, psychiatrist, and international ADHD expert Lotta Borg Skoglund combines years of experience in the treatment and assessment of ADHD with the powerful testimonies of the women she has encountered along the way, exploring issues such as hormonal changes, emotional regulation, organisation and concentration, relationships, work, and treatment. She provides valuable tips, strategies and insights as to how ADHD girls and women can achieve the self-understanding they need to live to their best potential.

Press Reviews

  • Jo Steer, Chartered Clinical Psychologist and author of Understanding ADHD in Girls and Women

    ADHD Girls to Women: Getting on the Radar gives clear and compelling insights behind and beyond the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Focusing on key topics for female ADHDers such as hormones, mental health, family life and the workplace, women will feel seen and heard in ways which have been missing for years. This text will be top of my list for recommended reads.
  • Professor Susan Young, BSc, PhD, DClinPsy, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPS

    Every healthcare practitioner and allied professional working with girls and women with ADHD should read this book. Every girl and woman who has ADHD, or who believes they may have ADHD, should read it. It will give them a sense of validation, to know that there are people 'out there' who understand them and who 'get' them. It will help them to recognize that they do not have to be leaves in the wind.
  • Chantel Fouche, ADHD Europe

    This book is an answer for individuals to better understand what ADHD is about. In this book, an explanation is given about many factors that women go through on a daily basis which is unfortunately misunderstood in society - hormones, up and down emotions and the various other conditions that are connected to ADHD which can be detrimental to women who have been living an invisible life and suffering alone 'without the much needed support they deserve'. We highly recommend that everyone reads this book, which is not only for women, mothers or daughters. Anyone who wants to know more about ADHD in women and girls needs this book.