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Ageing, Independence and the Life Course

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`It is impossible in a short review to do justice to all those individual contributions, most of which are interesting in their own right … Whilst this book is likely to be of particular interest to gerontologists looking for recent developments in approaches to ageing, many of the chapters also address policy issues related to care, housing and social security.'

Social Policy

`The book merits detailed study and should send ripples, if not waves, in a variety of directions. The wide range of topics that are covered should ensure that the papers will be of considerable value to those who are eclectic in their interests, as well as to those whose specialised interests are included among the wide range of topics. There is an excellent bibliography and a very good index.'

- Baseline

`The editors take a refreshing view of older people …I found it difficult to put this book down. Each chapter is thoroughly researched and well written. The numerous tables and graphs are clearly explained and discussed. Altogether there is a cohesion in this work that is not always found in compilations … As a reference book for al those concerned with the well-being of older people - administrators, social workers, nurses, doctors and others - this is a book which is well worth purchasing.'


`This excellent book acts as a salutary antidote to the narrow and limited study of old age … well-disciplined … clear-cut presentation … deserves wide recognition.'

- Age and Ageing

`This is a very interesting book … I certainly recommend this book … and would strongly encourage this book to be included as one of the essential reference book to clinical psychology training courses, and sections of psychology services for older adults.'

Newsletter of the Psychologists Special Interest Group for the Elderly

`Here again is a significant book researching and reflecting on every aspect of life…'

- Quarterly Journal of the Christian Council on Ageing

`… a useful insight into the diversity of ageing experiences.'

Nursing Times

Ageing is a major policy issue, not only because of the increases in the size of the elderly population, but also due to the changes in the provision of community care.

Using a life course approach, which emphasises the importance of recognising the effects of different life experiences on different groups of individuals and the interlinkage between phases of the life course, the book explores the ways in which bases of structural advantage and disadvantage, such as housing, social class, ethnicity, health and disability, have cumulative impacts on the situation of older people. This sociological analysis of later life focuses on three issues:

Independence - the concept of autonomy and importance the elderly attachment to these

Perceptions of ageing - how they vary according to different life course

Social structural constraints associated with the material resources of older people - the policy implications of adopting a life course perspective.
  • Published: May 01 1993
  • Pages: 256
  • 233 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853021800
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