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Am I Trans Enough?

How to Overcome Your Doubts and Find Your Authentic Self
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Am I Trans Enough? The answer is undoubtably yes. You are.

Alo Johnston has been where you are. From watching every transition story on YouTube and navigating online message boards for answers to finally starting testosterone and transitioning himself, he now walks alongside you every step of the way to guide you towards acceptance of who you truly are.

Born out of thousands of hours of research and conversations with hundreds of trans people, Am I Trans Enough? digs deep into internalized transphobia and the historical narratives that fuel it. It unveils what happens after you come out, or begin questioning living as a trans person, in a world that works against you.

Use this book as a space to engage with your fears and explore your doubts without the pressure of needing to be a perfect trans representative. If you are just beginning your trans journey, are twenty years into transition or have no idea if you are even trans at all, this book will help you to become your most authentic self.
  • Published: Feb 21 2023
  • Pages: 224
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781839975349
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Press Reviews

  • Sand Chang, PhD (they/them), psychologist, DEI consultant

    Alo Johnston has crafted a beautifully written guide that is both heart-centered and grounded in cultural and historical context. As a reader, I felt like I was being invited into a powerful conversation not just about individual identity, but about collective care and community. Alo's writing is knowledgable, generous, honest, and accessible. I'm so grateful this book exists in the world!
  • Thomas Mondragon, MFT, LGBTQ+ affirming psychotherapist, founding faculty member of Antioch University Los Angeles’ M.A. in Clinical Psychology LGBT Specialization.

    Am I Trans Enough? is a clear accessible guide that presents the author's understanding, knowledge and wisdom by incorporating not only his personal experience but also his notable clinical expertise. With care, warmth and compassion, Johnston deftly addresses many questions and feelings those in in the transgender community might be having and has simultaneously created an important additional resource for allies, families and professionals.
  • Theodore R. Burnes, Professor of Clinical Education, University of Southern California

    Johnston's text provides practical strategies, ideas, and resources to people of all genders and sexes as they engage on their journeys of self and community exploration. This text offers an informed guide with humility, empowerment, and appropriate critique.
  • Dara Hoffman-Fox, author of You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery

    In this groundbreaking contribution to the world of trans-educational titles, Am I Trans Enough? author Alo Johnston never leaves the reader's side as a supportive, compassionate, encouraging companion on what can be an intimidating and overwhelming journey in the land of gender identity affirmation. Alo sets the stage for success by guiding you through your doubts, fears, and confusion with his highly engaging, personable approach towards validating your unique experience of your gender. This book is needed now more than ever, and no doubt is going to positively impact countless lives for many years to come.