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Antiracist Occupational Therapy

Unsettling the Status Quo
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Social justice, inclusion, and person-centredness are the cornerstones of occupational therapy but despite this, the experiences and inequities faced by Black and minoritised populations in health and social care often go unseen and unattended in occupational therapy practice.

This timely book provides a compendium of global insights into the inequities faced by Black and minoritised groups in health and social care and considers how key changes in occupational therapy practice and education can redress disparities. Each contributor is active in the occupational therapy community and is incredibly well placed to provide guidance and practical suggestions on how to create sustainable, antiracist practice and disrupt the current status quo.

Invaluable to occupational therapy professional bodies, academics, and students alike, this expansive collection of voices is essential reading for those looking to redress the imbalance of power caused by racism.
  • Published: Oct 19 2023
  • Pages: 216
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839975745
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Frank Kronenberg, Co-editor of the book series Occupational Therapies without Borders and A Political Practice of Occupational Therapy

    It has taken our occupational therapy profession more than a century to break its loud silence on the harmful existence of systemic racism and other intersecting oppressions - collective occupations in their own right. Going forward, as occupational therapists we must introspectively interrogate the nature of our sustained institutional silence on systemic racism, its genesis and impact on who we are, how we think and what we know and do. Antiracist Occupational Therapy by Musharrat Ahmed-Landeryou et al. is the first ever book in the history of occupational therapy that explicitly, courageously engages with the phenomenon of systemic racism. It presents as a timely resource for politically, epistemologically and practically positioning and preparing ourselves to effectively confront and address whenever and wherever this dehumanizing force rears its ugly head.
  • Dr Dave Thomas, co- editor of Doing Equity and Diversity for Success in Higher Education: Redressing Structural Inequalities in the Academy

    This book will certainly be a game changer.
  • Dr Angie Bartoli, Editor of Anti-racism in Social Work Practice

    The book is well-constructed, thoughtful, provocative and powerful. It also taught me a great deal more about OT than I had before reading so thank you and the authors for contributing knowledge and influence in this space. I also appreciated the energy the book offers to the reader. Each chapter ends by inviting the reader to reflect on their reading by recording their understanding and learning. Readers will appreciate the authenticity of the authors' voices, where contributors have generously shared their own lived experiences to emphasise different complex concepts.
  • Dr Arun Verma, Editor of Anti-Racism in Higher Education: An Action Guide for Change

    This is a timely book as anti-racism continues to remain an important subject matter. It is a developing area of work within the occupational therapy profession that is worthy of taking centre stage. Occupational Therapy is a valued and worthwhile profession; however, it does not operate within a social or political vacuum and this book will help those in the profession to consider their role in the fight against racism.